Two-Party Bullshit

My head reels as the amount of Two-Party Bullshit in politics reaches a staggering percentage,  This lying, by almost everyone at all the time has helped foster a dislike for politicians which has never been universally reached to this level before.  This Two-Party Bullshit is an attempt to cover up anything negative that casts a pall over a candidate (or even a recent loser).

It makes listening to the news so difficult that the spreading apathy is encouraged by these disliked candidates as a means for getting away with their less than true statements.  It is especially sad when the government gets involved.  Did the Russians Hillary’s campaign or not?  An election which, according to the media, was supposed to be won in overwhelming fashion supposedly turns on the actions of the Russians with no data supplied in support.  That is not to say something didn’t happen but it is certainly less credulous when there is no data in support.

Two-Party Bullshit

Two-Party Bullshit has led to an increase in cynicism in the citizenry.  That, in turn, has led to a continuance of a dismal percentage of Americans voting, running about 50%.

When I was a kid there was something so exciting about Bobby Kennedy and his aborted run for the White House.  Today, two-party Bullshit dominates and we have a shrinking faith in the future.

“In their personalities and their politics, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump might not have much in common, but in the public eye they share one glaring characteristic: A lot of people don’t believe what they say. In a July New York Times/CBS poll, less than one-third of respondents said Clinton is honest and trustworthy. Trump’s scores were about the same.”

“Trump’s campaign-trail falsehoods are so legion that cataloguing them has become a journalistic pastime. With a cocky disdain for anything as boring as evidence, the presumptive GOP nominee confidently repeats baseless assertions.

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