Democrats are not Tough

It’s sad but true – Democrats are not Tough.  There are grand proposals and feeble attempts at helping people and still in numbers it is the largest of our political parties.  But the Democrats are not Tough.  They only can get feeble versions of the good works they envision passed and as for elections they lose and lose and lose and lose. The last overall quality plan the Democrats pushed through Congress was Medicare and that was fifty years ago.  They never pound their chest about that one though they should.  Fifty years!  Obamacare was an emasculated attempt and unlike Medicare which was for the people Obamacare helped a tiny sliver of the people and the insurance companies and Big Pharma.

So after having won the Presidency for 66% of the last 24 years, the Democrat’s reward is to have fewer Governors.  And Senators.  And Congressman.  And Mayors.  And  State Legislators.  Democrats are not Tough.

You’d think that after getting clobbered on all levels for so many years the Democrats would lead with self reflection.  But there are excuses they lean on.  It so much nicer to have excuses than do the hard work.  Democrats are not Tough.

Now we have the Russians to blame and never mind that we offer shit candidates out of touch with the people.  Damn Russkies!  They know the truth – Democrats are not Tough.

“In the closing days of the 2016 election campaign, hackers believed to be working for Russian intelligence launched a new wave of attacks on Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the Democratic National Committee — a previously unreported cyberoffensive that heightened concerns, now endorsed by the CIA, that the Russian government was seeking to influence the outcome of the election in favor of Donald Trump, according to sources familiar with the investigations into the attempted intrusions.”

Democrats are not Tough.  Put up a good field and the hell with this patronage stuff. Work for it. It’s not a game.  People shouldn’t become candidate because ‘it’s their turn.’  Going home almost every night during a campaign shouldn’t be an option.

Some Democrats get and did the work.  But there’s not enough.  And it isn’t just the Russians either.  Good candidates, good programs talking to people, really talking – it can be done.

“Of the 32 seats the organization had targeted in those states, Democrats won only eight. Ohio’s targeted seats remained solidly red, as did those in Wisconsin. In Michigan—once a reliably blue state—just one seat was turned. In Pennsylvania and Florida, both states that Clinton had been projected to win, two out of the four targeted senate district seats turned blue. In the end, it was only in North Carolina, a newly purple state that had been showered with significant attention, thanks to Clinton’s campaign, where the DLCC made real inroads: Three of its four House seats turned blue.”

“Post pointed out that the DLCC had also managed to flip three other state chambers into Democratic control—the Nevada Assembly, the Nevada Senate, and New Mexico House—both in states, not coincidentally, that Clinton won, whether because the state was reliably blue (New Mexico) or because of an extraordinary amount of resources directed there to target a changing electorate (Nevada).”

And get rid of the Party hacks.  They are incompetent and take credit for what they didn’t do and are a hindrance.

Brazile forwarded the Clinton campaign CNN debate questions in advance, violating the DNC charter, and undermining the integrity of the production in the process. CNN severed ties with Brazile after her actions were exposed, but the Democratic Party has kept her around, allowing Brazile to continue to make a fool of both herself and the DNC.”

“On December 8, Brazile published a post on Medium that pretended as if she and the DNC had been supporters of the Standing Rock Sioux and their efforts to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline for months. In reality, Brazile’s first signs of support came after the Army Corps of Engineers’ announcement on December 4 that the pipeline’s construction would be halted until an environmental impact study could be conducted. Now that the political risk of supporting Standing Rock is mitigated, Brazile is shamelessly swooping in to gain political points from the water protectors’ victory.”

Democrats are not Tough.


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