A Political Weirding

The issue below is not a political weirding.  The political weirding is what the article alludes to, how we have come to accept any attack on someone if they are educated, especially Harvard educated.  It’s as if education from the best American College gives the writer and reader) the justification to dismiss the Harvard educated person. That’s a political weirding.

I know this article is not about going to college, more specifically, Harvard.  But the article is typical of what we think of education these days.

“Some people (self-styled “talk radio philosopher” Andy Schmookler, for one) like to sneer at “single-issue voters” like me. Schmookler claims that single-issue voters’ “understanding of the workings of the larger systems in their world (e.g., the U.S. government and the American and world economies) is limited.” Single-issue voters, he opines, have “neither the time nor the interest nor the background to develop a complex picture of American politics,” and so “they welcome a simple way to exercise their duties as citizens.” And that’s why he presumes women like me vote for life.

I don’t know Schmookler. Nor do I personally know his views on abortion. But I would suggest it’s time for privileged, Harvard-educated men like him (who’ve always been at the forefront of abortion advocacy) to look beyond their intellectual prisons and to try to think with their hearts. Life is the essential civil rights issue of our times. If you’re dead at the hands of another—whether you’re black, brown, white, young, or old—all your human rights have been stolen from you. Doing whatever one can do within reason to help a living person stay alive is a simple matter of compassion and justice.

Fortunately, in a democracy (at least in one that’s still alive and kicking), power doesn’t come from the top down. It grows from the ground up. Pro-life family feminists had grassroots power in 1979, and we still have that power today.   Yes, we’re the underdogs. Yes, the elite media scorn us. Yet despite the high odds against us, we just won an election. And this Thanksgiving, that gives many feminists I know a lot to be thankful for.” http://thefederalist.com/2016/11/22/im-a-card-carrying-feminist-who-definitely-voted-for-donald-trump/

Political Weirding

Political Weirding

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