Full Check-up

It goes against the way we do things but perhaps it’s time to have a full check-up as part of the requirements for running for office.  Full disclosure is made in so many ways but no in physical or mental health.  And it shouldn’t be disqualifying by itself – if the public chooses to vote for a psychopath or a sociopath or someone deadly ill and quite frail – that is their choice.  This implication shit grows old.  We should have the data to assess the capability of someone we vesting with nuclear codes and with the power to direct the Federal Bureaucracy.

I don’t know what a full check-up will tell you.  Perhaps our greatest Presidents have been sociopaths.  It’s just something else that would be good to know.  It’s way past time to become mindful and to also know more about our pathologies.

Full Check-up

Full Check-up

“There have been cautiously speculative stories in the New York Times, here on Slate, in Vanity Fair and the Washington Post and the Atlantic, all of them seeming to grow from the same unspoken wish: to explain away the crazy by labeling it as a real disorder. We like to put a name to our monsters. Diagnosing Trump, whether doing so without examining him is proper or not, helps.”

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“This isn’t the first time narcissistic personality disorder has been employed as a means of understanding a scary political movement. The godfather of personality disorder analysis, Theodore Millon, was drawn to the field in part by Nazis and fascists. Born in Manhattan in 1928 to Jewish immigrants from Eastern Europe, Millon addressed his doctoral dissertation to “a theme of great concern at that time, which had to do with post-Second World War concerns regarding the Nazi Fascistic kind of mentality,” as he told fellow psychologist Michael Shaughnessy. “I did a research study on assessing the characteristics of authoritarian or fascistic personalities.”


“I’d go further than Barber: I think the privilege into which Trump was born has exempted him from the operating rules of civilized society. Whether he’s bragging about sexual assault, denying reality during the debates, or promising to reject the democratic process itself if it does not happen to favor him, the thread that connects them all is privilege. The impunity he has enjoyed is chilling, and so is his blithe certainty that it will always be there for him. The privilege he derives from his gender and his fame and his father and his class and his race seems to have granted him a lifetime pass. The result of such a life is a man whom we cannot help but pathologize.”

“But Trump’s own pathologies are nothing next to the pathologies of a society that allowed him to reach the doorstep of the highest office in the land, to live on this earth for 70 years and never once be held accountable for his failings with other people. A society that lets a man like this live and prosper is sick.” http://www.slate.com/articles/health_and_science/medical_examiner/2016/10/we_ve_misdiagnosed_donald_trump.html

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