Destroying the Planet

While humans continue their inexorable progression toward destroying the planet we often forget that we have set ourselves as custodians of the planet which we are making waste to.  Some of the animals, plants and sea life we remain unknown to and them to us.  But there are some animals we have developed a bond to, and for the sake of those creatures at least we should b e planning for preservation.

Dog, cats, horses, some animals specific to a region like elephants or dolphins have done what they could to protect humans.  In our mad race toward destroying the planet the least we could do is not only help those in our own race that are on the sidelines but those of all creatures, even those who have given their love and friendship.

It’s one thing for us to be uncaring about our future.  It’s another thing when we claim waste to all of those in our race who didn’t sign up self-destruction. It’s a whole other level of selfishness when we also show indifference to every other living thing whose lives we have put in serious jeopardy.

A heartbreaking story, part of which follows this piece, illustrates the care and concern some animals have given us.

“But a fourth child, a 3-year-old, was still inside.”

“Neighbors and police officers who arrived shortly after the call weren’t able to get into the home because of the intense heat and flames, Brian Schaeffer, Spokane’s assistant fire chief, told The Washington Post.”

“Firefighters arrived a little later and went through the front door in their protective suits. They found the boy’s body in the back bedroom. Next to him was a teddy bear and the family’s dog, a terrier mix. The dog was huddled over the boy, trying to protect him.”

Destroying the Planet

Destroying the Planet

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