President Candidate Debate Notes

Good thing the President Candidate debate was televised so early on the West Coast.  Much later and there’d be no guarantee I would have stayed awake for all of it.  The debate was a real snorer.  The Donald did his impression of a madman from the looney bin and the Hillary did her Tricky Dick impression as it’s just a matter of time before she proclaims that she isn’t a crook.

What did we learn from this President Candidate Debate?  Not much.  Two years of speeches, meetings, and debates I still don’t know which candidate has a viable plan to combat our worldwide climate crisis or how to deal with income inequality – there’s much evidence a healthy economy does not have such disparity in income.

President Candidate

President Candidate

Putin this, Putin that.  Violence from the public, violence from the cops is out of control.  Millions still go hungry and have no proper shelter. The planet is undergoing great climate shifts.  Healthcare costs are out of control and there hasn’t been a candidate but Bernie that understands social service should not be a profit making enterprise.   Putin this, Putin that.

There’s a maxim that goes something like this – ‘you get the candidates you deserve.’

I really hope not.

“It continues to baffle me why Clinton never refreshes her complaints against Trump. The guy gives her fresh potential material literally every day, and she’s still droning on about Trump’s Mexican-American judge insult, and his attack on “a Gold Star family.” This night, she made two Celebrity Apprentice digs too many. As Trump said at a different moment, “We’ve heard this before, Hillary.” On television, to be compelling, you have to present something new each time you take command of the camera, something Clinton fails at, and at which Trump excels. But then, Clinton excels at answering the question asked of her, whereas Trump prefers to talk about what is occurring to him at that moment. That Trump can get away with wedging Clinton’s e-mail troubles into the topic of immigration—well, that’s what the moderator is there for, to keep both on-point.”

“Chris Wallace did as well with this pair as seems humanly possible. It’s a small victory, perhaps, but a victory nonetheless. Now the debates are over, and what small light they shed on the candidates will continue to emit a feeble glow from now until November 8. At which time, win or lose, Donald Trump has guaranteed in advance: He will keep us in suspense.”


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