Neurotic Man Dips His Toe In The Job Pond

This Neurotic Man needs a job, any job.  The pangs of hunger from my stomach are like a tom tom beating in my gut.  On the other hand those pangs are most likely from Rudolpho’s Surprise #3 that I scarfed down at Jaime’s Tacqueria last night.

The smart thing (and I am nothing if not smart) is to do field research and find a winner before I submitted my application (and won).  You could never do enough research. So I headed off to the tacqueria to watch the action.  And maybe a #2.  Ole!

Neurotic Man

Neurotic Man

It only took a few minutes for me to realize that restaurant work was not for me.  The kitchen was too hot for me and all those flames!  All the workers on the floor had to put their hands near plates of partially eaten food.  All those germs!  That left being a host and I would have to talk to people to do that job.

While I was sitting and observing I looked at the newspaper I brought with me to go incognito.  Newspaper.  Journalism.  Voila!  I believe in signs (especially on doors of bathrooms).  So I did my research and found this:

“It probably comes as no surprise that jobs for journalists at newspapers continue to disappear. But in a disturbing development, digital news jobs that had been replacing some of the legacy positions appear to have hit a plateau.”

“Earlier this year, the Bureau of Labor Statistics released a chart showing the total number of employees working in the newspaper industry is now lower than those working in the “internet publishing and broadcasting” sector. Given the struggles of the newspaper industry, and the increasing popularity of “digital native” news publishers, such figures may seem intuitive. Yet it only captures how many employees work in these industries—not how many journalists.”

“With digital native websites becoming more prominent, it is worth exploring how many journalists work in this sector and whether its growth is likely to offset losses in the newspaper industry. Because the American Society of News Editors (ASNE) recently announced it will no longer estimate the size of the newspaper workforce, and no organization surveys digital outlets to measure the size of its workforce, I sought out a new data source to explore these figures.”

Neurotic Man

Neurotic Man

That sign did not help much. But wait, maybe my destiny was to be Neurotic Man online. Except for the painful initial contact I wouldn’t have to talk to or see anybody.  Bliss.  And like that I came up with the title for my column.


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