Simplification of E Service

Some people have problems with various E-mail products including the supposed Simplification of E Service.  They also have problems with the internet in general, such as search engines and this situation is getting worse, not better.  The other day I typed into my Search Engine IRS and the IRS popped up as the fifth alternative.  The first four I assume related to buying product.  I know companies devise ways that power their website to the first position when you type something in, but come on, I left no room for ambiguity, and there is only one IRS.  For a specific tool a lot of room for ambiguity has become allowed.

The failure of their new products was a problem for Yahoo and Ms. Mayer.  She should have begun her renovation with back to basics.  Yahoo Mail sucks – it’s slow and inefficient and delays a response.  Yahoo’s storage space for attachments is not one of the best and sometimes E-s just seems to mysteriously disappear – certainly at a much higher rate in my experience than their main competitors.  I’ve got several E-Mail accounts and Yahoo Mail is my least favorite.  You start with crap product and you want people to spend money on more sophisticated items?

Simplification of E Service

Simplification of E Service

AOL’s free account has been around for ages, doddering along; the free account user is now harassed for all kinds of products when they just want to get to their mail.  Google’s anticipation of what you want is less helpful, not more. Sometimes their guesses are just wrong.  And difficult to bypass, Security is a problem, always a problem and the great E-Mail servers are not a potent source.

And on and on…

The net is a great tool.  Let’s try to make the basics easier such as the Simplification of E Service and make that service more secure.

Some E-Mail choices as chosen by a reviewer:

“Your chosen email service will reward you with plenty of—possibly unlimited—storage, effective spam filtering, a fast and productive web interface, access through desktop as well as mobile email programs, and more.”

Simplification of E Service

Simplification of E Service

To help you in your security give this article a look:

“When it comes to emails, complete privacy is a big concern for a lot of people, and all the popular email providers such as Gmail, Outlook and Yahoo simply do not offer a completely secure environment to send and receive emails.”

“However, there are quite a few secure email services that offer email privacy and encryption. We have reviewed and selected five of the best email services that should keep your data safe from hackers and the authorities.”

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