Neurotic Man Leaks

It probably is not too hard to believe that this Neurotic Man leaks.  The truth is that I am as porous as you can get.  There is the sweating thing of course, but I also cannot keep a secret.  That’s because I don’t understand secrets.  I mean, what’s the point?  You can’t tell person B what person A has told you, person C.  Where’s the logic in that?  What a bother!  Look what secrets have gotten our government.  Now it’s not a part of the government (I think) but the DNC has a major E-Mail leak and heads will roll, and there’s embarrassment and all kinds of attempts at cover-up.

Just think what Hillary Clinton would be as a candidate without all the secrets.  After all, it’s the attempts at cover-up which assuredly gets botched that has gotten Hillary in trouble.

Neurotic Man

Neurotic Man

This Neurotic Man is just like that.  It’s not what I say but pretending I didn’t say it that gets people pissed off at me.

Of course a major source of leaks is the government.  That’s one leaky boat.  I decided to check the accuracy of my leaks supposition so I looked online and found a Time article.  I guess there is a list of top ten cover-ups (and indirectly, leaks). Here it goes:

Full List

Shh … It’s Classified

This list freaked me out.  I didn’t have the foggiest about any of these except for the Loch Ness Monster which everyone knows is just some poor guppie on steroids.  I never thought of myself as particularly ignorant – until today.

Neurotic Man

Neurotic Man

Perhaps there are some things that need to be covered-up and never to be leaked.  I guess there is a certain artistry to such behavior but the whole idea give me a headache and I need to rest and hopefully have a nap.  After all, I read there must be some virtue in a constipated story but I don’t know what that would be.  From now on I am going to keep all my secret stuff in the closet and never let it out.  It’s safer that way – unless it leaks and gets out of the closet.

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