DNC Mojo Disaster

As has been the case with the vast majority of our media the focus has been on the wrong aspect of the story when it should be on the DNC Mojo.  As presented by this semblance of a news reporting institution the story is about the Russians attempting to influence our Presidential election by releasing detrimental stories via DNC stories that questions the DNC Mojo.  This analysis is of course ridiculous.  The released information, if caused by the Russians (not yet acknowledged) has not been proven to be false.  So somehow a political party organization violating its charter and attempting to ruin the campaign of one of its candidates is not the news – what is the news is the Russians reporting it.  Logic tells us if nothing illicit was done by the workers for the DNC there would be no story.

DNC Mojo

DNC Mojo

Even the better reporting is ridiculous.  Ex-Chairperson Debbie had the issue dumped on her and that’s that.  Did she conspire with anyone?  The Clinton campaign perhaps?  After all, she was a surrogate for Ms. Clinton.  Also, it is ridiculous to accept that she acted in a void.  Forget about nutnick reports about all kinds of conspiracy, this was after all, an action that required a conspiracy.

DNC Mojo

DNC Mojo

The decay on the DNC Mojo is not only because the dense analysis and reporting on this issue.  The mainstream Democrats, even the Neoliberals, have behaved as if Bernie Sanders could snap his fingers and his supporters would follow his every wish.  The DNC and the DNC Mojo should know better.  Bernie Sanders, contrary to any other political candidate in either Party, has addressed the constituency as we instead of me.  The movement, at least for now, lives with or without Bernie Sanders.  Somehow the DNC officials have missed this causing the DNC Mojo to suffer.

This movement may fizzle out but don’t expect its members who have heard and believed that the system is corrupt, that Hillary Clinton is corrupt, for over a year now, to suddenly embrace Ms. Clinton’s Candidacy.  Fear of Trumpism will only work with those not exhausted by the lesser of evils argument.

It is also hard to garner the cooperation of members of this movement when the talk is there – Ben Jealous and Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren speaking on the first night of the convention but the action is not – the appointments made so far – Tim Kaine and Donna Brazile who are centrists.

“The reality is that Bernie, if you really listened to his speeches and the things that he said over the course of the campaign, he never actually said ‘I’m leading this movement,’” Pollack continued. “I think the mistake that a lot of people have been making is to think that they needed to look to him for this movement. The movement is us.”


“The Democratic Party may have one of the most liberal platforms in recent memory, in no small part because of Sanders and his impassioned supporters. But those at the People’s Convention were disappointed. They lamented the absence of planks calling for a ban on fracking, for universal health care and opposing the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal. Fueling the discontent: Clinton’s choice of the relatively centrist Sen. Tim Kaine (D-VA) as her running mate over more populist options like Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH).”

“As far as the theater of power at the DNC is concerned, I don’t think this is going to make a big dent in that,” said Paschal, a veteran activist who has been following movements on the left since his time with the United Farm Workers in the early 1970s. “But as far as the Bernie movement, or the left movement, this meeting here showed everyone that it will continue. It’s a continual struggle. It’s going to continue in others’ hands.”  http://www.salon.com/2016/07/26/its_not_all_up_to_sanders_will_bernies_political_movement_have_life_beyond_the_dnc_partner/

DNC Mojo

DNC Mojo


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Got My Mojo Working” is a blues song written by Preston “Red” Foster and first recorded by Ann Cole in 1956. Muddy Waters popularized it in 1957 and the song was a feature of his performances throughout his career. A mojo is an amulet or talisman associated with hoodoo, an early African-American folk-magic belief system. Rolling Stone magazine included Waters’ rendition of the song is on its list of 500 Greatest Songs of All Time at number 359.[1] In 1999, the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences gave it a Grammy Hall of Fame Award[2] and it is identified on the list of “Songs of the Century“.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Got_My_Mojo_Working

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