Neurotic Man Gets Dem Blues

Sometimes this Neurotic Man get dem blues.  Sometimes there’s a reason for dem blues and other times I haven’t a clue but get them nonetheless.  It’s the weirdest when a little thing sets off dem blues and a big thing slides off me like water on a duck.

Neurotic Man

Neurotic Man

When I get dem blues I’m ready to party, a sad, sad party, with me mates and my gal and Daniel Johnston* of course.

“And paper cups to drink juice out of
This is the life
Yeah, but what about the strife?
The pain and suffer-age and all that ruff-age
You mean them blues?
You know what I’m talking about
Well I’ve had dem blues since I don’t know when
Looks like I’ve got dem blues again
Dem blues, dem blues
Dem blues, dem blues
I really don’t know what I’m after
You’re stepping on the crackers
I’m really feeling kind of loose
Would you like some juice?
Dem blues will make me sad
Dem blues will make me mad
But dem blues, dem blues is all I have ever really had
That’s sad”

Neurotic Man

Neurotic Man

But alas, as we all know this Neurotic Man has no mates, nor a gal and never met Daniel Johnston.  Of course.  So this Neurotic man did what he does best.  Read.  I’m a fucking A class reader.  I searched for an article and thought the article I found to read was full of a bunch of hooey except for the end so I’ll mention that first.

“I’ve found that it’s good to have some “blues strategies” at the ready, because the blues are never polite enough to announce ahead of time that they plan to spend the day.”

According to the author there are six major points in dealing with dem blues:

“1. Don’t compare yourself to others.

It may seem as if others don’t get the blues, but human beings are more alike than we think. That clerk who’s always smiling probably gets the blues

  1. Don’t try to force yourself out of the blues.

Trying to force the blues away is likely to intensify them. Part of the reason for this is that underlying that attempt to force them away is the negative judgment:

  1. Try Weather Practice.

I describe this practice in my book, How to Be Sick. Moods are as unpredictable and changeable as the weather.

  1. If you can, go outdoors.

Changing environments is an excellent way to change a mood. When you’re outdoors, particularly in nature, the air has a different quality,

  1. Reach out to another person.

Connecting with someone else who is struggling can help you realize that you’re not alone. It also takes you out of your self-focused thoughts

  1. Treat those blues to a fun time.

Without trying to force the blues to go away, but also knowing that they’re as impermanent as the weather, take them with you to an activity that’s just plain fun, no matter how silly. For you, maybe it’s sudoku puzzles or playing with crayons and a coloring book. I have a few movies I love to watch over and over, like a favorite piece of music.”

Neurotic Man

Neurotic Man


*”Daniel Dale Johnston (born January 22, 1961) is an American singer-songwriter, musician, and artist. Johnston was the subject of the 2005 documentary The Devil and Daniel Johnston. Johnston has been diagnosed with schizophrenia.[3][4] He has been regarded as an important figure in outsider, lo-fi and alternative music scenes.*




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