News Media Fail

For a long, long time we’ve made fun of the news media for its fluff reporting and vapid reporters that certainly represent a News Media Fail.  But in the past that scoffing has only been partly serious.  It is possible that the distrust of news reporting has become so entrenched (and with good reason) and so venal that we today doubt almost anything that is reported.  The deterioration of trust is so great that we are approaching the days of doubting the reporting of the obvious – such as the weather, sports, and daily business changes.

News Media Fail

News Media Fail

The news media, one of democracy’s basic weapon’s against tyranny is suffering such a major News Media Fail that it might be fairly soon that we ignore all of it, even the weather forecast.

Of course this New Media Fail didn’t just pop up overnight and we experience its current obviousness through the explosion of retraction and revision of story after story – in all fields.  The News Media Fail has become more blatant in the world of politics than ever before and it failure detrimentally affects our culture, environment and social well-being.

As the following article in Salon points out there is trouble, big trouble in River City.

“But here’s the thing. Technically we should all be in favor of a free and transparent election process. Regardless of party or candidate, if we have any commitment at all to the concept of democracy, then we should want everyone to have a chance to vote. While it seems clear that there is little chance of “unifying” a party that does not equally support election integrity, it is also time to ask whether our news media is radically dividing us as well.”

“The news media was once considered the fourth estate, the watchdog over the power elite. We then used to talk about the fifth estate—the watchdog of the watchdogs. But there is little happening in the mainstream news that has any real connection to news integrity today.  Maybe it’s time to consider that it’s gone from watchdog to lapdog.”

Without the assistance of a vigilant press the oligarchs just keep on pressing until they expand their control.  The superdelegate system in the Democratic Party, in existence for 30 years and never democratic, has reached a new low.

News Media Fail

News Media Fail

“There is clear evidence that the superdelegate system was created as a counterforce to the will of voters. According to Marcetic, “When a Sanders supporter criticized superdelegate Howard Dean for sticking with Clinton despite Sanders’ landslide victory in Vermont, Dean tweeted back: “Superdelegates don’t ‘represent the people’ … I’ll do what I think is right for the country.”

“If that doesn’t sound like democracy to you, that’s because it is a textbook case of oligarchy.”

A News Media Fail can occur by over or under reporting ( Trump and then Sanders) thereby affecting knowledge of the candidate (or issue), by inaccurate or incomplete reporting, or by totally ignoring an event.  (Such as of today, 20 days after the election, over a million votes have failed to have been counted in California.

“The report documents the fact that major news outlets covered Donald Trump at a level that was incommensurate with his experience, base of support, and initial polling.”

“They also show that despite the fact that Trump consistently rattled off bigoted, crazy, and inflammatory statements, that most of the coverage was “good press.”  They conclude that the biased media coverage of Trump was directly responsible for propelling the candidate to the top of the polls.  In their view, Trump is “the first bona fide media-created presidential nominee.”

“As if that weren’t maddening enough, the same report documents how Bernie Sanders was badly hurt by media neglect early in the race, when candidates unknown to many voters need to establish credibility and build a base of support. Hillary Clinton received three times more coverage than Sanders in summer 2015, during the period of pre-primary debates.”

“Even as late as August 2015, two in five registered Democrats said they’d never heard of Sanders. Early coverage of Sanders, when it existed, suggested he was a loser before he had even started.”

“Even worse, as US Uncut reports, only 7 percent of the media’s reporting on Sanders was about his issues, whereas 28 percent of Clinton’s coverage was issue-focused.”

One might assume there is collusion.  For example Hillary Clinton attacked Bernie Sanders for not addressing the issues which ties in nicely with the News Media Fail.

With the absence of assistance of the News Media we’re screwed.

News Media Fail

News Media Fail

Dizzy Dean probably first said it.  Lou Reed then sang it: stick a fork in it…

stick a fork in it

1) A state of completion.

2) To be completely destroyed or defeated.

Stick a fork in it, it’s done.

Stick a fork in him, he’s done.

by eugene February 07, 2004”


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