Exit Polls

Exit Polls, for some unexplained reason perhaps far too sinister for many of us to handle, are used differently in the United States than just about anywhere else in the World. Properly done (like anything else there is a wrong way and a right way) exit polls, even more than the final vote, give us an accurate representation of what went on during Election Day.  The reason for the occasional discrepancy between Exit Polls and the final vote is normally attributed to the machines being used to record and total the vote both very potentially manipulated technological and electronic systems.

When the United States sends representatives to help monitor voting especially in new countries new to voting, Exit Polls are used to determine the honesty of the vote.  Even the mainstream media in this country uses Exit Polls – didn’t you ever wonder how a winner could be accurately named in an election where votes had not been tallied yet and the polls had just closed?

There is some evidence that some of the Democratic Party state primaries resulted in questionable returns as Exit Polls, were extremely inaccurate, which is the first sign of vote fixing.  While this discrepancy and the lack of the mainstream media picking up on this story, or the accompanying story that in some places the vote tally goes on weeks after the election (such as in California, where over 2 million ballots were yet to be counted when the total were announced to be final) is extremely disturbing, the lack of a cohesive system for our elections is appalling.  The fact that Columbus Day and Presidents Day remain holidays with Election Day does not is silly and most likely would have horrified the early Presidents we seek to honor.  That largely uncontrolled unaccountable private companies handle our vote counts is appalling.

“Here’s where U.S. elections become laughable. A couple of private companies count our votes with secret proprietary hardware and software, the most
notable being ES&S [Election Systems and Software]. Every standard of election transparency is routinely violated in the U.S. electronic version of faith-based voting. How the corporate-dominated media deals with the issue is by “adjusting the exit polls.” They simply assume the recorded vote on easily hacked and programmed private machines are correct and that the international gold standard for detecting election fraud – exit polls – must be wrong.”

“In any other election, the U.S. State Department would condemn the use of these highly riggable machines based on the discrepancy in the exit polls. It’s predictable what would happen if the former anti-U.S. KGB agent in some former Soviet Central Asian republic picked up an unexplained 5% of the votes at odds with the exit polls. A new election would be called for, as it was in the Ukraine in 2004.”  http://www.dailykos.com/story/2012/6/16/1100706/-Red-Shift-why-it-s-important

“There were three exit polls yesterday in CT, MD, PA.  Sanders exit poll share declined from the poll to the vote in two of the three elections. As usual, the exit polls were forced to match the recorded vote.”

The difference between Clinton’s  adjusted exit poll and recorded share were:
CT .01%;  MD 0.10%;  PA -.17%”

“In 21 of 23 primaries, Sander’s exit poll share exceeded his recorded share.
The probability of this being due to chance:
P = 1 in 30,000 = binomdist(2,23,0.5,true)”

“In 9 of 23 primaries, Sanders exit poll share exceeded his recorded share by more than the margin of error. The probability of this being due to chance:
P = 1 in 441 million = =1-BINOMDIST( 8,23, 0.025, true)” https://richardcharnin.wordpress.com/2016/04/27/democratic-primaries-426-exit-poll-anomalies-continued/


Exit Polls

Exit Polls

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