Third Party Candidates

Pundits, in many cases small minded lackeys of the long established media class, have missed several things this political season – the collapse of all of the establishment Republican Presidential candidates,  the rise of The Donald, Bernie’s resilience, the dangers of supporting a seriously flawed Presidential candidate such as Hillary Clinton and now the status of Third Party Candidates.  The traditional response to an insurgent campaign, such as the one that Bernie Sanders campaign has been running is that once the candidate admits defeat; his or her supporters will return to the fold or in the worse case, sit the election out.  By delaying the inevitable, the pundits say, Bernie Sanders is hurting this ‘healing’ process.  What the pundit class, or dare I say lackey class fail to see is that enthusiastic Bernie supporters are often novices to the two-party political process and what they have learned is that it is a closed, archaic, non-thinking non-feeling system, in which moral conviction and long term thinking is abandoned for party loyalty and patronage.  And being safe.  The political novices supporting Bernie may not easily come to the Democratic fold because they were never there to begin with.  The more logical step, if Bernie folds up shop is for these novices to shop for a new candidate, a Third Party candidate, more akin to their beliefs.


The reason Bernie is loathe to fold up shop is that he is not only running for President, which these silly pundits seem to focus on, but he is building a progressive movement for the future.  That is Bernie’s truth.  If he folds up shop before the movement is cemented this progressive movement will be but another blip in history.

Third Party Candidates

Third Party Candidates

What the major pundits also fail to see is that the traditional argument that if forced to, voters will choose the lesser of two evils no longer cinches the deal for one of the two-party candidates.  The major pundits also fail to see that the same people who powered Bernie’s campaign, given such an ugly political choice especially in this day of climate change and terrorism and rising medical costs and never-ending student loan payments and racism that truly never seems to go away and lip service about doing something on the issue of income inequality that ends up being lip service only, will seek solace from a candidate outside of the distasteful Republican/Democrat choice.


While there will be a whole slew of third party candidates running for President there are two strong candidates that I will mention here and they are:

Third Party Candidates

Third Party Candidates

“The Green Party is ready for these voters, they have a candidate ready to go, they have stances on the issues most important to the leftists of this nation that are actually in line with progressive values. They are not the center-right party the Democrats have become.”


“The party cannot afford to make the same mistakes the Libertarian Party made. In 2008, the Libertarians rallied around Ron Paul, a registered Republican in his bid for the presidency, which ultimately failed and left the party without a visible candidate of their own. In 2012, they did slightly better, running former Republican Gary Johnson, however, they never really found a way to grab voters who were not happy with Mitt Romney and instead focused on their small group of voters.”


“Stein must find a way to reach into the Democratic Party and lift out those voters who feel as though they don’t belong and still want to send a strong message to the nation. They want a $15 an hour minimum wage, they want universal healthcare, they want clean energy, and they demand their government listen to them.”


“The challenge now for Stein and her party is getting these voters to listen to their message without the mass media paying attention and without the budget of Clinton or Trump. They will face many challenges, but if they can unlock the secret to harnessing these voters, we could be looking at a much more interesting race and even more interesting 2020 campaign.”


“Enter Gary Johnson, or the “ticket sane Republicans can get behind”, according to Boaz.”


“The two-term governor from New Mexico gives Libertarians an actual shot at being the third party candidate many Republicans believe they so desperately need. As of now, Johnson is currently polling at 10 percent against Clinton and Trump, according to Morning Consult, which may be the highest any Libertarian has polled in a general election in recent memory.”


“While he seems like a long-shot at this point, Boaz believes that Johnson’s policies and message really resonate with millennials.”


“He’s always been an advocate for more freedom,” Boaz explains. “He’s gotten a lot of attention for arguing against the drug war. That ought to be something that will appeal to millennials. But they also should be interested in his appeal that you should be able to do anything you want to.”

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