Neurotic Man Doesn’t Visit the Pope

I read the other day that Bernie Sanders is visiting the Pope.  There’s some disagreement as to whether Bernie was invited or whether he invited himself.  I guess it doesn’t really matter since he’s going.  So what if the Pope looks at him as one of those uninvited guests at the holidays that show up with a bunch of people with invitations – you just grin and bear it.

Neurotic Man

Neurotic Man Doesn’t Meet the Pope

This Neurotic Man is jealous.  I admit it.  I would say that jealousy is a bit un-Christian but on the scale of things that Christians do that is un-Christian a drop of jealousy is not high on the list.  But the question remain what do you do to get invited to meet the Pope?  The standard things won’t work – I’m not about to begin doing good deeds and it is most unlikely that anyone would confuse me with a saint.  The other thing I don’t know what is the Vatican’s Jew quota.  Like Bernie this Neurotic Man is a Jew from Brooklyn.  I wonder if the two of us (us being Jewish people) have ever been guests of the Pope (any Pope) at the same time?  It’s like turning Italy into A Tree Grows in Brooklyn* (which is a bit about the Irish) or a Neil Simon play** (which is not).

Neurotic Man and the tree

Neurotic Man and the tree

Nothing is worse than a Neurotic Man eaten up by jealousy.  Compounding the bad feelings was the fact that I’m sure I’m smarter than Bernie.  He left Brooklyn and went to Vermont.  Brrr!  I left Brooklyn and went to Southern California.  Aaah!  Who’s the pragmatic progressive now?  Oops.  That’s the tagline from that other candidate, what’s her name, Dillary.


And then It happened. It being word from the Vatican that the Pope doesn’t plan to meet Bernie.  What the….?   “The pope’s office has distanced Francis from a rare invitation to US presidential candidate Bernie Sanders to attend a conference at the Vatican this week.”

Neurotic Man outshines the candidate

Neurotic Man outshines the candidate

“The pope’s spokesman, Father Federico Lombardi, told local media that the Vermont senator had been invited “not by the pope but by the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences.”


“For the moment there is no expectation that there will also be a meeting with the pope,” Lombardi told the Italian news agency Ansa.”



I’M BACK IN THE GAME!  I can be not invited somewhere as well as anyone.  Just ask Rodney, or Violet or Ponce, or Jamaican Bob, or Charles Almond Joy.  Neurotic Man rules!  Pope shmope, Bernie’s not the only Jew in town!



*”A Tree Grows in Brooklyn is a 1943 novel written by Betty Smith. The story focuses on an impoverished but aspirational, second-generation Irish-American, adolescent girl and her family in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York City, during the first two decades of the 20th century. The book was an immense success.”


“The main metaphor of the book is the hardy Tree of Heaven, native to China and Taiwan, now considered invasive, and common in the vacant lots of New York City.”



**”Marvin Neil Simon (born July 4, 1927) is an American playwright, screenwriter and author. He has written more than thirty plays and nearly the same number of movie screenplays, mostly adaptations of his plays. He has received more combined Oscar and Tony nominations than any other writer.”


“Simon grew up in New York during the Great Depression, with his parents’ financial hardships affecting their marriage, and giving him a mostly unhappy and unstable childhood. He often took refuge in movie theaters where he enjoyed watching the early comedians like Charlie Chaplin.”


P.S. A little known fact is that Irish people and Jewish people refer to two different things.  Irish people are from Ireland which is one place.   Jewish people are from all over the place.


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