Et Tu Elizabeth Warren

It’s a shame, really.  Elizabeth Warren is the person that so many of us wanted as the first female President.  A model for future generations – smart, caring, and certainly not on the take.  If Elizabeth Warren had run for President this year she would have crushed.  Crushed.  Bernie’s okay but the one tone is a bit hard to take at times.  And the answers that make you wonder what the hell he was thinking.  As for Hillary, she doesn’t even qualify as almost okay.  A setback for women and progressives everywhere.


It was the year of Elizabeth Warren and she abdicated.  Before the coronation.  It’s like that old line ’what if they gave a war and nobody came’.  Meanwhile Bernie slogs and visits the Pope.  Right before the most crucial of primaries.  And Hillary runs around with her slogans like “I’m a progressive who get things done.”  Like what?

Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren

So we lose out.  Again.  The fear of the Donald or that nutter Teddie validates Hillary, at least in theory.  Bernie Sanders made the dream live, at least for a little bit of time.  And Elizabeth Warren dashed those soaring hopes.

Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren

“Elizabeth Warren could have been the biggest political story of 2016. Well, at least, the biggest story other than Donald Trump. Right now, she could have been coasting toward a Super Tuesday landslide and locking up the Democratic nomination. It doesn’t take a wild imagination to picture it.”


“Instead, Warren is nowhere to be found, unless you’re a Democratic donor on the receiving end of DNC email blasts signed by the Massachusetts senator. Raising money like this — or lending her name to these emails — might be her biggest contribution to the Democrats in the 2016 cycle. And unfortunately, that’s why Super Tuesday is likely to seal the nomination for Hillary Clinton tonight.”


“My point is not to relitigate Clinton vs. Bernie Sanders for the millionth time. That argument closed in Nevada, and screamed to a halt in South Carolina. Hillary Clinton will make a Democratic candidate in the same mold as her husband or Al Gore or John Kerry. If elected president, she’ll likely carry on the Obama legacy, appointing the right Supreme Court justices and blocking the worst excesses of the gerrymandered Republican Congress, while also remaining the same politician who served as the senator from Goldman Sachs and toured war zones with Lindsey Graham and John McCain. Even most of Clinton’s harshest critics from the left would pinch their noses and vote for her in a contest against Donald Trump.”


“As it stands now, Clinton stands no chance of tapping into the anti-corruption sentiment that fueled Sanders’ rise. The young, disaffected voters that were moved by Sanders’ promises to get money out of politics are more likely to stay home in November than turn out in great numbers to support Clinton, a candidate that in so many ways embodies the oligarchy Sanders’ rhetoric targets.”


“Warren’s voice could have changed the party, but she stayed silent. And now Democrats are left with more of the same.”

Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren – photo by Tim Pierce. 

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