BFD the Pledge

I’m pretty sure that I used to like Chris Hayes on MSNBC but the more I watch him and watch his hysterics about such things as the Pledge, the more I am having doubts.  The other night a Bernie Sanders surrogate, Susan Sarandon, was on the Hayes’ show and she was asked if Hillary Clinton was the Democratic Party nominee would she support her.  Sarandon hesitated and replied she had doubts about that candidacy.  Sarandon, who supported Barack over Hillary, and Ralph Nader over the Clinton surrogate Al Gore, has had her doubts about the Clinton’s for some time.  As we are in the midst of a contentious campaign such a condition about support is a bit premature and ill-advised.  Sarandon could have said what the political surrogates mostly say which is that the candidate they supporting will win so such a hypothetical needn’t be addressed but instead she spoke from her heart and was unsure about what she would do.  Such a reply wasn’t good enough for Chris Hayes who wanted assurance she would vote against the Donald, he wanted to hear the Pledge of support for Hillary.  What followed was a furor erupted over an actress stating her preference. Several articles ensued and there were lots of discussion on television and other surrogates were called to either bash Sarandon or support her.

the Pledge

the Pledge

“Actress and Bernie Sanders supporter Susan Sarandon said late Monday that she isn’t sure that she would vote for Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump if the two front-runners face each other in the general election.”


“During an interview on MSNBC’s “All in with Chris Hayes,” Sarandon criticized the former secretary of State for stances that go against progressive ideals. She added that some Sanders supporters would have a hard time bringing themselves to vote for her in a general election.”


“How about you personally?” Hayes asked.”


“I don’t know. I’m gonna see what happens,” she responded.”

the Pledge

the Pledge

Meanwhile the three major Republican candidates, who initially took the Pledge to support each other, have since stated they have withdrawn that pledge.  It’s made some news, but others have not been called to either defend or attack the candidates’ actions.  The actress is the only one being held to a different standard…



What is wrong with us?  As the Cheshire Cat said, “We are all mad here.”





“Republican front-runner Donald Trump said Tuesday he doesn’t plan to honor his pledge to support the party’s nominee for president if it’s not him. Sen. Ted Cruz (Texas) and Ohio Gov. John Kasich, Trump’s rivals, also backed away from similar pledges, inserting a new kind of acrimony into the already heated race.”

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