Diversity in Politics

There’s a reason that elected officials prefer diversity in their support base. Elected officials will make a big deal that all members of the citizenry are equal but ala Animal Farm, some are more equal than others. A wise elected official or politician has a greater chance of staying in power and eventually expanding that power if the feedback comes from different races and genders and even political views of the citizenry. I don’t think this interest in diversity is really heartfelt. I think most find it just another useful tool in the election cycle.


Another reason diversity is important is that it lessens the chance that any particular community can feel that a candidate owes them ‘special favors’. In a Democracy such patronage is a back room thing, not to be publicly flaunted.



The press has made a big deal about Bernie Sanders’ difficulty in making inroads in the black community. This story is almost true but not quite – many black leaders in politics, art and philosophy are supporting Bernie. But let’s assume for a moment that the current perception fostered by the media is correct – Bernie has limited support by black voters. As nationwide Bernie does better statistically with the population as a whole then this particular racial group, it means he does better than Hillary in other segments of the voting public. We know one segment is the millenials. But another and one that could be troubling for Hillary in a nationwide election is that Hillary seems to have a problem with white voters.


Hillary got clobbered by Bernie in New Hampshire, a mostly white state. In Nevada, a state with another 3 percent of support would have resulted in a Bernie victory; Hillary appears to have beaten Bernie badly in the black community. Obviously Bernie must have done better than Hillary in the White community. Yes, you guessed it; Hillary beat the President in their Primary in Nevada eight years ago because of her white support. Then there’s West Virginia, a state that Hillary beat the President by 70 percentage points!* West Virginia is mostly White. Bernie leads in early polling in that state by 28 points!**




Yes, Hillary has her Black firewall. But her diversity support is beginning to suck. What has gone wrong with her support in the White community?
“*In exit polls that year, just 22 percent of West Virginia voters admitted that race was a factor in their decisions. They voted for Clinton over Obama by 70 points.” https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/post-politics/wp/2016/02/22/sanders-leads-big-in-west-virginia-poll/


**”West Virginia, a lightly-polled state that gave Hillary Clinton one of her biggest victories in the 2008 Democratic primary, is the latest to show evidence of white, working-class voters moving toward Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.). In a new West Virginia poll of 208 likely voters conducted for MetroNews, Sanders leads with 57 percent support; Clinton trails with 29 percent.” https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/post-politics/wp/2016/02/22/sanders-leads-big-in-west-virginia-poll/

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