Enthusiasm Gap

The Democrat Party, using its misplaced belief that it really, really cares about people (just check out neo-liberalism and the façade of caring that surrounds the myths of the Clinton and Obama administrations), fails to understand that they are in great danger of losing a national election partly because the party in power eventually exhausts the constituency and partly because they have an enthusiasm gap.

The Republican candidates in terms of policy are all idiotic, and their concern for all the people non-existent. On the other hand, they understand (especially Trump) that politics is a show and that the show has to entertain and it has to have drama. I know it is unfair to think and to say but Ms. Clinton is as exciting as cold, dry toast. So the Republicans staged debate after debate gaining nationwide coverage while Florida Debbie made sure the Democrats’ debate process was like the meeting of a secret society. Sure, recently the Democrats have amped it up but it is too too late for the debates to create the enthusiasm that they would have months ago.

Enthusiasm Gap

Enthusiasm Gap

Florida Debbie also seems to have done everything in her power to make the primary season as seamless as possible for Ms. Clinton. Once again the lack of drama has hurt the Democrats. Bernie’s campaign is great and it demonstrates the wonders of authenticity but the countless officials endorsing Ms. Clinton, the PAC funds producing ads to smack her opponent(s), the Party machinery under Florida Debbie’s tutelage doing what it could to ensure the easiest of campaigns for Ms. Clinton, reinforces with the voters that the system is rigged.

All those Republican campaigns whipping up enthusiasm, helping to register new voters. The numbers don’t lie. More Republicans are voting in the Primaries than Democrats. The Republicans understand they need to exploit the enthusiasm gap and the Democrats don’t.

When an old somewhat grumpy Jewish New Yorker can seem like a fresh face for telling a few truths you know the whole process is in trouble.
So the entertainer, The Donald, dominates. And Bernie still is the Democrat who gets the crowds. The Donald is despised yet so is Hillary. No wonder Bloomberg is considering running.

Enthusiasm Gap

Enthusiasm Gap

Forget about ideas. Ideas are hocus pocus in politics. There’s a list of 117 ideas that Obama supported that PolitiFact says he has not pursued*. But at least at the beginning he didn’t have an enthusiasm gap.
“Republicans are fired up. Ready to go. Democrats? Not so much.”


“The latest CNN/ORC International poll laid out a stark “enthusiasm gap” between the two parties: Thirty-six percent of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents said they were “very enthusiastic” about voting for president next year, compared with just 19 percent of Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents.”


“Similarly, a recent survey by Democratic pollster Stan Greenberg found Republicans, especially older white conservatives, were significantly more interested in the 2016 elections than Democrats and their key demographic groups. Seventy-one percent of likely GOP voters rated their interest in the elections as a “10” on a 1-to-10 scale, compared with 58 percent of Democratic voters who said the same.”


“It would seem Republicans are energized and poised to swamp the polls after eight years of President Barack Obama. But Democrats say there’s no cause for alarm.” http://www.politico.com/story/2015/12/2016-enthusiasm-republicans-democrats-217198



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