Neurotic Man Grows Sick of Politics

I’m sick of it! No, this is not the crazy rant of a Neurotic Man exposed to too many loud sounds or lousy sodium infused food or being medication deficient or trying to drive in L.A. during rush hour or a swarmy Uber driver or receiving a huge rental increase or encountering dog pooh on my walk, no this is much more basic than that. The crux of the matter is that I am sick of all this politics. Politics Shmolitics! I have not heard so many mistruths and half-truths and no truths at any other time in my life – even from Violet or Sam the Grocer who keeps telling me that soft, wrinkled fruit and vegetables means it’s just picked. Even Rodney or Ponce or Violet trying to get in some guys pants never stooped so low. It’s an insult to my intelligence to try to pull the okie doke on me. I may be a Neurotic Man but that doesn’t me that I’m stupid. Even if I was stupid it would be an insult to try to pull the okie doke on me. And Charles Almond Joy gets irritable about the okie doke.

Neurotic Man and the okie doke

Neurotic Man and the okie doke

If politicians aren’t trying to pull the okie doke on all of us, even pulling it on a Neurotic Man, they are pulling it on themselves. A politician hoping to do some good in the community has to deal with everyone else trying to pull the okie doke. Soon he or she begins to believe their own hype. Still, the grid-lock is too great and nothing gets done.


Nothing gets done.


So I put on my TV to try to forget about all of this politics and wouldn’t you know it, a political debate was going on. Running out of options in dealing with the political nonsense, I decided to try my hand at Trochaic rhythm. “But instead of being stressed on the second syllable, trochees are stressed on the first syllable. For example, the word “today” is an iamb because we emphasize the “day” not the “to.” (That is, we say “to-DAY,” not ‘TO-day.”) But the word “candy” is a trochee, because we emphasize the “can” and not the “dy.”

So this is what I came up with:


Okie doke in my town and on TV,
Listening to your prattle makes me pee.

Oh well, perhaps I’ll go talk to Charles Almond Joy. As long as he doesn’t want to discuss politics. That dog, he’s starting to make a lot of sense to me.

Neurotic Man visits Charles Almond Joy

Neurotic Man visits Charles Almond Joy

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