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For quite some time at Pulpdiddys Permutations I have had a Sunday column in which I explain why I no longer write a regular column on Sunday and instead, except for this explanation column, take the day off. I’ve tweaked the Pulpdiddys Permutations column from time to time from time to time but the subject remains the same – I take the day off. I have taken to use much of this Sunday column/non-column on Sunday spot so that it is a little bit about me and a lot about what I am trying to do with this blog. The roots for the blog come from three things. First of all, I love to write. I enjoy the process and especially how attempting to communicate with others forces my thought process to focus in a way that not having the writing would not cause. Secondly, I have been fascinated with how we interact with each other from an early age. My political and social precociousness led to me turning away from my almost brutal focus on scholasticism and athleticism that dominated my early years. In my case, this was a good thing. And last of all I realized I had developed a way of looking at the world that focused on want. When I explained this to others I found they often shared my thoughts but that for the most part they did not want to consciously understand or express the theme of want, or if they did, found they had shuttled it off to the recesses of their mind – a way of living that contained the shuttling as an inconvenient truth*.

The inconvenient truth is that we drown in our want. The want may be in the search of fame or sex or health or power or toys but these wants have the same catalyst and that is money. Some theorists and analysts think of the want as dreams and that dreams are healthy. The problem is that this want invades our day to days and we make decisions based on that want that often have far reaching and sometimes tragic consequences. The want may be quite basic such as the quest to survive or quite advanced like controlling politicians or having a lobbyist team to market your ideas of law. The thing about want is we largely are embarrassed about it, especially if it becomes public and though we may expose our want it is often done in a non serious game show sort of way. The other thing about want, especially in the most unconscious of us, is that we trample our fellow human beings in an attempt to achieve whatever it is that is our want.

I have found that magazines, blogs, and newspapers don’t understand want but instead focus on an agenda even if that agenda is to work hard in not appearing to have one. Somehow the media has failed to see that in reality their agendas are full of fiction and as such, are as much want as that of anyone else. As for the agendas, most are political in nature. The problem with an agenda is that it blinds you to certain realities – at least for a while. So a journalist at the Washington Post 50 years down the road realizes the paper missed the mark by ignoring Dr. King’s “I Have a Dream” speech when it was delivered, instead focusing on crowd control that day. Or journalists at the New York Times realizing they have been too enthusiastic in coverage and their support of the Vietnam War. Or ditto for the enthusiasm of both papers when the misdirected terrorist war known as the Iraq War took place. Of course this is an over-simplification and I mention it only as an illustration.

As I do my research for what to write at Pulpdiddys Permutations I think about the want that each of us has, the want we may not know exists. Hopefully I can glean enough of the want to make an intelligent reaction. While personally I remain far more liberal then not regarding economic, political, and social issues I bring up the question of want in my analysis of issues and how the issue will affect all, most, or some of us. So when President Obama does something that I find wrong I am not loathe to mention that wrongness at this site. When Senator John McCain takes a position that I found courageous I find no problem in expressing praise. When Paul Krugman takes on an economic or social position that I find a bit silly I will also comment so.

These three things are the triumvirate that brought me to this place, and have brought about Pulpdiddys Permutations. Though I believe I am eventually found out to be correct more often then not and certainly more so than any pundit I know that’s out there, I certainly am not infallible. But I give you my pledge that I’ll continue to do the research, continue to consider the matter using the frame of reference of want in the material posted by me at this site. And if you’d like some lighter reading there’s always my e-book: http://www.amazon.com/Neurotic-Man-Richard-Georges-ebook/dp/B00A6TOK24

*I apologize to Al Gore, for using your title as a phrase. It just fits. And in this context, Mr. Gore, you are also a good example of an inconvenient truth.

Pulpdiddys Permutations

Pulpdiddys Permutations

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