Hobby Lobby and Revisionism of the Founding Fathers

In addition to the gutting of individual rights by the Supreme Court the religious right continues to pervert the ideas of the Founding Fathers. Individual freedom, that is the freedom by a few to persecute the freedoms of the many, has become de rigueur of our age. We should have seen this coming instead of just laughing it off as the cracked ideas of a few. The stupidity of Palin pointed this out several years ago, where the rights of so many could or would suffer so that she could feel that she, personally, was not being persecuted.

This narcissist world view has been legitimized by the bastardization of the ides of the Founding Fathers. That the religious right would get the Founding Fathers wrong is no great surprise. That they would be so successful in using their revisionisms to slow process so effectively is.

These phenomena co-signed by the Supreme Court threatens to irreparably damage any attempt at democracy. The idea that it is okay to persecute the ideas of the many for the ideas of just one is the kind of tyranny the Founding Fathers were terrified of. That a family such as the Greens could impose their religious belief on all of their employees is not the sort of thing the Founding Fathers, if one were to conjure the Founding Fathers, would co-sign.

Founding Fathers

Founding Fathers

Unfortunately this revisionism is being spear-headed by some of those in power including the majority of the Supreme Court. Also unfortunately the perversion of ideas is as old as the ideas themselves.

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