A Very Strange Manhunt, a Different SOU, and Penny Takes Charge

I know that in the heat of the moment contradictory accounts can occur but still, it was a very strange manhunt.  The Dorner matter took place over almost a week and remains confusing.  He either was or wasn’t in San Diego and Tijuana.  Some of his ID somehow was dropped in San Diego even if he wasn’t there.  He either was fleeing the country or planning to remain a terrorist in Los Angeles.  The cabin that he was in, if it was him in the cabin, burnt down and the body found was so charred that an immediate identification was

Very Strange Manhunt

Very Strange Manhunt

impossible.  Yet a wallet and driver’s license survived (thanks for the observations, Faith) and per conflicting reports either in a pocket or near the body or somewhere in the room.  The cabin Dorner was hiding in before the cabin he apparently died in was just a few steps away from the area’s command post set up to find him.  The unoccupied cabin apparently was not checked by the authorities though they had sent out press releases how they had gone door to door in the area.

With such violence and rage and tragedy occurring in the matter these points of course are but minor issues.  My interest is more that the confusing, conflicting facts offered to the public just don’t make any sense, even for a very strange manhunt.  I’m not being weird, I’m not being paranoid, I’m not a conspiracy theorist, I just wonder how the whole tragic mess surrounding Chris Dorner  became so contradictory.    http://www.cnn.com/2013/02/13/us/lapd-manhunt-timeline/index.html

The President’s State of the Union Address last night started out as a real snoozola.  Then, as he talked about his vision of America which includes trying to right the wrong done to the poorest of us working hard and still starving while others have bloated fat with obscene profit, I came out of my slumber.  When he started to discuss gun, control and then the right to vote and how, in this democracy we are still making it difficult for citizens to vote his voice took on that of a preacher and he introduced some of the people in the crowd and

SOU and the Very Strange Manhunt

SOU and the Very Strange Manhunt

told bits of their story, the President became mesmerizing.  Of course Boner and the other Dicks in the Republican Party were not moved, they could hardly applaud for a 102 year old lady who the President introduced and who had stood on line for 6 hours to cast her ballot in the last general election, standing on line to support her contract with democracy, standing up to that simple and insidious form of voter suppression whereby voting becomes a Herculean Trial.  We need more of this stuff.  Perhaps if Boner and the other Dicks hear it often enough, and how it moves all of us with a heart and with compassion, which is the vast majority, they’ll begin to understand and stop their constant attacks on vitally needed institutions like Social Security and Medicare.  Charles Blow of the New York Times wrote an editorial that appeared this morning about how the President does seem a bit different – and in a positive way.  Blow thinks that Obama not having to run for office anymore is a positive thing and the “real” Barack Obama is beginning to show.  http://www.nytimes.com/2013/02/14/opinion/blow-the-real-obama.html?nl=todaysheadlines&emc=edit_th_20130214&_r=0  We’ll see.

Of course, the other side of the President still is hanging about.  Like nominating Penny Pritzker for Commerce Secretary.  This Chicago billionairess and her family made their money from the Hyatt chain of hotels and retirement homes, and a bank by the name of Superior.  As Greg Palast, the great  investigative reporter points out in his blog http://www.gregpalast.com/ the family had to return some of the fortune during the Bush Administration “in 2001, the federal government fined her and her family $460 million for the predatory, deceitful, racist tactics and practices of Superior, the bank-and-loan-shark operation she ran on the South Side of Chicago.”

“Superior was the first of the deregulated go-go banks to go bust – at the time, the costliest failure ever. US taxpayers lost nearly half a billion dollars. Superior’s depositors lost millions and poor folk in Sen. Obama’s South Side district lost their homes.”  Penny introduced Barack Obama to Robert Rubin, of Citibank infamy, which led to Obama meeting Timothy Geithner and Larry Summers.  Roots.  And lousy ones at that.

Penny was up for Commerce Secretary when Obama was first elected but the Unions got in the way.  They protested because Hyatt and the retirement homes were lousy to workers.  More from Palast “The Pritzker family made its billions mostly from Hyatt 2.14.13imagesHotels and Hyatt nursing homes. Penny, on the Hyatt board of directors, is an infamously combative anti-union apostle. UNITE HERE, the union that represents Hyatt workers, has called for an international boycott of Hyatt hotels. In 2012, UNITE HERE and its parent, the AFL-CIO, were crucial to Obama’s winning Ohio, Michigan and Wisconsin.”

But with the campaigning over for Barack and Penny, it’s payback time.

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