Harvard Cheating Scandal, USPS Shafted, and Plethora of Rebuts

How perfect it is that the focal point of the Harvard Cheating Scandal is a class in government aptly titled, Introduction to Congress.    http://www.nytimes.com/2013/02/02/education/harvard-forced-dozens-to-leave-in-cheating-scandal.html?_r=0  As Stewart pointed out on The Daily Show last night, this was a take home, open book, open notes, open internet test and still many students felt the need to cheat.  So what was the primary driving force for the cheating – the competitive level at Harvard, the disdain for

Harvard Cheating Scandal

Harvard Cheating Scandal

rule and regulations, or the laxness nature of same?  The class had 279 students; 70 were booted out and several more received a lighter reprimand.  The fraternal nature of institutions such as Harvard possibly contributed to the Harvard Cheating Scandal.  More definitely the fraternal nature of Congress definitely contributes to the ongoing cheating at that institution.

Back to Harvard – remember this is the most hallowed educational setting in the United States for liberal arts and these guys felt the need to cheat – and did it so poorly.  This is from the linked article: “Administrators said that on final-exam questions, some students supplied identical answers, down to, in some cases, typographical errors, indicating that they had written them together or plagiarized them. But some students claimed that the similarities in their answers were due to sharing notes or sitting in on sessions with the same teaching fellows. The instructions on the take-home exam explicitly prohibited collaboration, but many students said they did not think that included talking with teaching fellows.”

I have heard many cheap shots directed at the Post Office over the years. Unlike the USPS’s detractors I am amazed at the efficiency of mail delivery give the high volume and the relatively inexpensive cost.  http://www.nationofchange.org/you-should-be-outraged-what-being-done-our-post-office-1360594259  The shafting of the Post Office comes in many ways: 1.) The Post Office provides service to every area in the country at the same price even deliveries, say from a rural town in Alaska to a rural town in Arkansas.  In this example 46 cents doesn’t cut it but the Post Office is forced to make the delivery.  2.) The Post Office has to break even though it is mandated to provide the same delivery service 2.12.13,imagesand same price no matter the area of the country.  Other groups, such as the military, providing nationwide service and funded through Congress are not required to break even.  3.) Plans by the Postmaster to cut expense are regularly denied – such as cutting off Saturday delivery that has been proposed time and time again.  (And has recently been proposed again).

It seems apparent that there is a desire by some in Congress to wreck the Post Office and then privatize it.  If privatization occurs the price to mail a letter will surely increase dramatically and some places, especially rural America, might not have any mail service at all.

I don’t get the televised rebut biz.  The President will make a State of the Union speech tonight.  Then the Republicans will deliver a rebut presented by Marco Rubio.  Then Rand Paul will deliver a rebut for the Tea Party.  Rubio is a darling of the Tea Party but is a listed Republican.  Paul is a darling of the Tea Party bu is also a member of the Republican Party.  There’s guys could do a remake of Twins.

It’s not like Rand Paul quit the Republican Party and is an officially listed member of the official Tea Party.  Oh, I forgot.  THERE IS NO NATIONAL TEA PARTY.  THE TEA 2.12.13..imagesPARTY IS A DESCRIPTION FOR A CERTAIN DISPARATE GROUP THAT IS NOT ORGANIZED INTO A PARTY.  There is no national office for the Tea Party.  There is no chairman of the Tea Party.  Why do they get two televised rebuts and no other political party and point of view gets any?

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